Tofu Cakes with Char Grilled Salad


My secret trick to getting the hubby to greedily devour meat free food is to pack it so full of really strong flavours that they just wallop you in the chops!

For the Tofu Cakes, simply crumble up a 250g block of plain tofu really finely into a mixing bowl, bung in half a jar of pesto & a man sized handful of parmesan cheese. Just go for it with your hands to mix that lot together before shaping them out into nice sized patties. Heat a generous amount of peanut oil in a deep frypan & shallow fry each side to golden.

For the Chargrill Salad, peel & dice up an eggplant before popping on a paper towel lined plate & drowning in salt, set aside to get that bitter liquid out. Meanwhile, throw a red capsicum & a yellow capsicum straight onto the gas burner, make sure you turn them until all sides are nicely blackened. Whack those into a metal mixing bowl straight off the heat & cover with cling film so they sweat too & set aside next to the eggplant.

Peel & slice up a zucchini before tossing that around a heated griddle. Pat dry the diced eggplant & throw that on the griddle too.

Take some paper towel & peel off the blistered skins of the capsicums before finely dicing the flesh. Then it’s time to bring this salad to life! Simply grab yourself a nice bowl & bung in all those lovely veggies along with some crumbled mozzarella cheese balls, pitted kalamata olives, the other half of the jar of pesto & a generous handful of unsalted cashew nuts. Give it all a jolly good toss before finally drizzling a wee bit of chilli infused olive oil over to finish.





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