Cheese Pies

Oooeeeeyyyyyy Gooooeeeeyyyyyy & Fabuliciouz!

Wrap your laughing gear around these wee Cheese Pies!


Start off by defrosting some sheets of puff pastry, 3 should be enough.

Then in a mixing bowl, crumble up a 200g packet of Fetta Cheese before dumping in the same amount of Mozzarella Cheese & combining those really well.

Crack a couple of eggs into a dish & give them a jolly good whisk. Bung those in with the cheeses but keep a wee bit back for brushing the pastry later. Mash it all together for a really nice mixture.

Roll out your pastry sheets to a nice even thickness & slice them in half. Drop a spoonful of mix right in the middle of each before wetting your fingers to just run around the edges of the pastry to dampen. Next, simply fold over the pastry & tuck the filling into it’s blankie, so to speak 😉 it kinda reminds me of a massive ravioli at this point.

Using the back of a fork, press the edges together & then if you’re the kinda person who knows the secrets of the crimp, apply now & then come teach me, otherwise just go along the edges & push little bits up against the pie to really make it nice & compact against the filling.

Whack those on to a couple of lined baking trays & brush down with the leftover beaten egg then bake at 200c for about 20 minutes or until they’re gorgeously golden.


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