Deep Fried Camembert

Now this certainly ain’t your average cheese & crackers!

Somehow deep frying this luscious cheese makes it so sensually smooth you can easily fall into a mouthgasm of epic proportions! Bonus is, I can’t believe how quick & simple it is to whip up when the girls drop in for a cheeky chardy!


Grab out two small plates & a bowl. Bung some flour (Gluten Free) on one plate, whisk an egg in the bowl & whack on some crumbs on the last plate (I use rice crumb to make this gluten free but you can easily use breadcrumb or Panko would be awesome!).

Splash a good glug of oil (I use Peanut as it gets hotter) in a small saucepan & set it over a high heat to get good & hot.

I’m sure you’ve guessed that next it’s production line time! Roll a round of Camembert cheese in the flour, then the egg & finally the crumb ensuring it’s fully coated.

Carefully lower the crumbed cheese into the hot oil using tongs & turn often until it’s beautifully golden.

Pop that on a plate lined with paper towel to drain then serve with rice crackers while it’s still oozing molten lava inside!


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