Cuckoo Restaurant

Nestled amoung lush forest perched upon Mt Dandenong,

you will find Australia’s very first smorgasbord restaurant.

Let the lederhosen loose & the good times soar!


I always like to look for the quirky, slightly off the beaten path, kinda places for my Foodie Adventures. When I heard about an ‘absolute madhouse’ up in the hills of Melbourne, I knew I just had to check it out!

Now I know, a lot of people out there find theme restaurants a wee bit tacky, however, I am not one of those people! I think they’re brilliant for a rip roaring good time that you can completely & utterly forget about your own pretentiousness for a while.

As soon as we arrived at The Cuckoo Restaurant, it was apparent that our informants had been correct in their labelling of the joint. A man in full Bavarian traditional dress was enthusiastically directing traffic to park in a hilarious slap stick comedy. Right away, we liked the place.


Naturally, one simply must stick one’s head through the stereotyped timber cutout for a picture as a buxom wench or drunken yodeller before entering the very pretty building to be transported to the other side of the world!

The decor of this place is so uber spot on! It isn’t very difficult at all to fully embrace your imagination & get carried away with the ambience of Bavarian Germany. The timber carvings are exquisite & they even boast the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock! Oh, and the walls are adorned with every imaginable kind of smaller Cuckoo Clocks, all for sale, which I believe add an enormous amount of feel good factor with the wee birdies distinctive calling.

But, what we really came for was the promise of authentic European food! The instant you are seated, steaming hot pumpkin soup is plopped down on the table as the waitress awaits your drink orders. Let me just say they have a fabuliciouz mocktail menu! After greedily devouring the soup, our eyes were drawn by the rich array of dishes on offer & we discreetly slunk our way over so as not to draw too much attention that we were the first to attack the smorgasbord!


With most diners now happily chomping through a gastronomic delight of culinary offerings, The Cuckoo ramped it up a notch in the party department by striking up the live band & entertaining with interactive audience comedy & some beautiful singing from The Sound of Music movie score. Throw in a few good PROST toasts into the mix & you have the makings of a seriously jovial experience!

I must admit to a guilty little secret here though, I did sneak back for seconds on the dessert! That Chocolate Mousse was just too irresistible not too!


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