Mexican Loaded Roast Tatties

Sometimes my brain is a very scary place…..seriously.

These Mexican Loaded Roast Tatties just popped right in there & I just had to make them!

They are to die for!


Start by peeling & roughly chopping 8 potatoes into roast tattie chunks. Pop them in a big pot, cover with water, add salt & par-boil them. When you’re draining, give them a jolly good rough up in the colander then set them aside.

Bung a tablespoon of Duck Fat into a baking dish & whack that in a pre-heating oven to 200c.

Season the spuds generously with salt & pepper then bake in the hot duck fat for 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, take 4 lusciously smoked bacon rashers & dice them. Fry those off before dumping an entire jar of……wait for it…..SALSA on top & stir that through.

When the tatties are baked, transfer them to a nice pie dish. Next, pour on the bacon salsa mix then absolutely smother it all in both cheddar & mozzarella cheeses! Whack that back into the hot (200c) oven to melt into gooey goodness!

Just before serving, swirl sour cream on top! Grab your fighting irons (aka forks) & it’s everyone for themselves!


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