Frozen Banana Slice

“Oh, it’s just a little something I whipped up”

This will be your nonchalant answer to all the inevitable praise over this Fabuliciouz slice!


So, I was standing in my kitchen, absolutely at a loss as to what to make for dessert. You know those times when you wander from the pantry to the fridge to the freezer in a repetitive pattern that makes you appear to be an absolute nutter?! Yep, that’s what this wee number was born from! It’s a true “Pulled from the Pantry” special.

Start by peeling & slicing up 3 bananas into a plastic zip lock bag & whacking that in the freezer.

Next, make a basic biscuit base, which is so versatile to have up your sleeve for so very many different reasons. Smash up an entire 250g packet of Arrowroot biscuits & mix in with 1/2 cup of melted butter. Spread the base mix on the bottom of a tin foil tray & bake in a 160c oven for about 5 minutes.

The middle layer is all about the choccy! Pop some water in a small saucepan & bring to a gentle simmer. Break up half a block of good quality dark chocolate into a heat proof bowl & place on top of the pan of simmering water, ensuring that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water. Stir consistently until all the chocolate is melted before pouring it over the biscuit base.

Retrieve the bananas from the freezer & throw them into a jug. Grab out your Mr. Buzzy (aka Stick Blender) & give them a jolly good whazz up to make them all smooth & airy. Pour the banana puree on top of the chocolate layer & bung the entire lot in the freezer to set.

After a few hours, or overnight, grab your treat out of the freezer, remove from the tin foil tray onto a cutting board & chop it up into slices. A good trick to help slice through the frozen layers is to dip your knife in a mug of boiling hot water.


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