Peanut & Rice Ball Soup

Hold onto your hat’s as this Peanut & Rice Ball Soup is such a cracker it’ll blow your mind!


Start by popping 3/4 cup of Jasmine Rice into 1 litre of salted water, bring to the boil then reduce that to barely a simmer. Whack a lid on it & leave that to simmer away for 25 minutes (until most of the liquid is gone) then remove the lid (always angle the lid up towards you so the steam goes away from you, that’s not the kind of facial you want ladies!) & continue to cook ever so gently until all the water is completely gone. Stir it often so it doesn’t burn. Remove that from the heat & set aside to cool.

Meanwhile, finely chop up an onion & a red capsicum (removing the seeds). While you’re at it, hack into 4 chicken thighs as well to a nice small dice.

Bung a good glug of peanut oil into a stock pot on a medium heat & gently fry that lot along with 3 teaspoons of minced garlic until they’re slightly browned, about 5 minutes.

Whack in a 400g can of chopped tomatoes, 1 litre of vegetable stock & season generously with salt & pepper. Simmer that for 10 minutes before throwing in 1/4 cup of uncooked Jasmine Rice. Give it a good stir, bung the lid on & let it simmer away for 25 minutes.

Warning – the aroma will drive your neighbours insane & you may end up with unexpected dinner guests!

Come on back to that pot of mooshy rice mess now. When it’s cool enough to not give you third degree burns, use a potato masher to mash it into a smooth paste. Get your soup bowls out & put some water in your sink. Keep your hands nice & wet cause the rice paste is sticky! Take good chunks of it to roll into ball shapes & pop into the bottom of the soup bowls.

Right, back to the soup! This is a Peanut Soup & I can hear you all going but where’s the nuts?!?! This is that part where I said it’s gonna blow your mind! Bung in an entire 375g jar (6 tablespoons) of Peanut Butter! That’s right, peanut butter! Stir well, on a very low heat, to melt it through.

Scoop ladles of hot soup over the rice balls & dig in!


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