Crab Pops

My Crab Pops should come with a warning label – once tried you will be forever more requested to supply these little rippers at every BBQ.


They’re so embarrassingly easy to whip up in a flash too!

Grab a large mixing bowl & bung in a 250g block of cream cheese, let that get really soft before adding in a cup of fresh crab meat & 1/4 cup of sweet chilli sauce. Combine that really well then form the mix into small balls & roll in rice crumb. Whack those on a plate in the fridge for half an hour to firm up or until you’re ready for them.

Heat up some oil (I always use Peanut oil as it gets hotter) then deep fry them ever so quickly so you don’t end up with a gooey mess of molten cream cheese!

That’s it! Set them down & stand back from the stampede.


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