Food Festival Fever!

From ponce to party, Melbourne certainly didn’t disappoint this Labour Day long weekend with Australia’s food capital hosting a Fabuliciouz feast of events!


 Oh my goodness! What a weekend we’ve just been spoilt with! What an incredible time to be in Melbourne! In case you didn’t know, the annual Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is in full swing & they have an event to suit every taste & every budget. Naturally, we went along to a couple of the family friendly events over the long weekend.

Saturday kicked off our fabuliciouz foodie adventure at the 10th anniversary of Ventana Fiesta in the beachside suburb of Frankston. It’s a full on South American street party & in this, the Brazilian Olympic year, it was just perfect to get our groovy out!


We were treated to Mexican wrestling along the main street as the crowd cheered & a true carnival atmosphere of music, singing, dancing & an explosion of colour!

But, of course, we were there for the food! What an incredible array of stalls filling the air with such sumptuous aromas our mouths were left salivating as we were totally confused by which of these amazing cuisines to try first!


We eventually settled upon a selection of Patagonian BBQ (pictured), Argentinian Chicken & Colombian Arepa’s. What a feast we had as the parade sauntered past us, truly an experience to satisfy both cultural & tummy cravings.

On the Sunday we were at it again! You know, another day, another food festival……it’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it, right?!


The Dandenong World Fare was in one word – EPIC! This is the cultural melting pot suburb of Melbourne. Any kind of cuisine you want to try from anywhere on the planet, I reckon can be found in Dandenong!

The crowd was immense, the food trucks numerous, the entertainment unforgettable & the atmosphere electric!

This is what a festival should be! Free entry for all so the community can come together to celebrate & bond over a fantastically good time. Free entertainment of the highest quality to ensure harmony & understanding between the various cultures. Cheap rides for the kids to be thrilled on balanced out by Free faceprinting, balloons & crafts. I know I’ve said a lot of Free there, but I’m seriously impressed by what the organisers of this festival were able to pull together for everyone to come out & enjoy. In this greedy world, it is a very rare jewel of community happiness gaining the upper hand.


There was an incredible array of diversity on offer in the culinary department, as you’d expect of such a culturally rich area. But when I saw that big black & beautiful food truck with a roaring fire inside which boasted boldly on it’s menu board “GLUTEN FREE WOOD FIRED PIZZA” I knew I could walk no further. Despite the many fabuliciouz offerings of cuisines from around the globe, it is quite often, the simple foods we grew up on ourselves which we can no longer indulge in that we fantasise over. After a lifetime of pasta & pizza, to go ‘cold turkey’ has been really hard, but what do you do when gluten makes you really sick?! So to be able to gorge myself on pizza was an opportunity too good to refuse!

And that is why it’s called Comfort Food.


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