Pub Parmi & Chips

Hubby always rates a venue by it’s parmigiana but where does he get his yard stick?

My Pub Parmi & Chips, of course! He reckons it’s the perfect 10 & none have matched it yet.

Naaawwwwww thanks darl.


Start off by bunging 6 large potatoes, skin & all, onto a baking paper lined tray & whack that into a pre-heated 200c oven for 45 minutes. When done let those cool down before popping them in the fridge. If you’re doing the parmi for lunch, they’ll need overnight or if it’s dinner you’re after, they’ll need all day. When it comes time to eat all you need to do is cut them into wedges & deep fry them in stinking hot oil. Season with salt the instant they come out to drain on paper towel.

Now for the star of the show! Take 4 chicken thighs, a rolling pin & a plastic bag. It’s anger management time! Place one chicken thigh at a time on a chopping board, cover it with the plastic bag & cut loose banging the crap out of that thing with the rolling pin. Don’t go too thin, though, we’re not making mince!

Once you’ve got 4 nice pieces to work with, it’s production line time! In bowl #1, crack 2 eggs, add a good splash of milk & whisk it altogether. In bowl #2, have a generous amount of crumbs (I use rice crumb as it gives a better texture) then season it with salt, pepper, parsley flakes & parmesan cheese. Have a large, clean plate waiting at the end of the line to receive your little beauties.

Dip each chicken thigh in the egg wash before coating in the pimped up crumb & placing on the plate. Once finished, surprise, do it all over again! That’s right, it’s double dipping time! The double crumb is key to an awesome crunch.

Pan fry off each piece in hot oil & set aside to drain.

Meanwhile, fry off some bacon rashers for your topping.

Assembly! Place the snitzel on a baking paper lined tray, top it with the bacon rasher, then (my secret weapon) coat it in a spoonful of salsa before finally crowning with a slice of Swiss cheese!

Whack that lot under the grill (broiler for my American friends) to melt the cheese & bob’s your uncle! Perfect parmigiana.

Remember when popping this on the plate, chips are always on the side peeps, never underneath!!!!


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