Gluten Free Burger

There’s not much better simple pleasure than to pick up a great big juicy burger, take a massive bite & have fabuliciouzness ooze down your arms to lick off.


It’s Coeliac Awareness Week & all too often, it’s the simple culinary pleasures that people with Gluten issues are denied. Well, fear not my food intolerant friends! Just give this awesome wee burger a crack & indulge once again.

Start by bunging 500g of mince into a bowl & season it generously with salt & pepper. Add in 1 tablespoon of vegetta, 3 tablespoons each of tomato sauce & soy sauce, 1 egg & a man sized handful of rice crumb. Get your hands dirty while mixing it all up before popping in fridge to allow all those luscious flavours to develop.

When you’re ready to cook, simply retrieve the mince mix from the fridge & mould handfuls of it into burger shapes. Always remember Bobby Flay’s tip to use your thumb to indent the pattie in the middle to stop it from puffing up during cooking. Have the hubby fire up the alter of burnt offerings (aka BBQ/Grill) to nice & hot then whack those burgers right on to cook. The golden rule is to never squish those burgers or all the juice will escape & they’ll be dry. Flip the burgers during cooking & then just before they come off lay a slice of Swiss cheese over each one to melt.

Throw a bacon rasher for each pattie on the barbie to fry up alongside them & crack an egg for each one too while you’re at it.

Next, for the kicker, typically this is where the gluten destroys all our hopes & dreams of burger perfection with the BUN (da da dum!) How I get around this on my burgers is with field mushrooms! I simply choose two field mushrooms of similar size, remove the woody stalk & cook them up on each side as well.

Assembly time! Pop down one of the field mushrooms as the bun base, load it up with the burger pattie which is smothered in that melted swiss cheese, then pop on your bacon, another slice of swiss cheese & finally crown it off with the fried egg before placing the other field mushroom on top for the bun lid.

Have plenty of napkins near by as those mushrooms do water down your arms rather spectacularly!


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