Easter Pudding

This is a fabuliciouz seasonal spin off of a scrumptious classic –

the good old bread & butter pudding.


Traditionally, in my home, Good Friday breakfast has always been toasted hot cross buns smothered in lashings & lashings of butter! This year, however, I now know why I get so ill after eating so need to go Gluten Free. I have failed in my exhaustive efforts to locate Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns 😦

Not to worry, I shall make my scrummy pancakes instead! But you may still like to indulge in my Easter Pudding, hubby says it’s definitely a winner!

Start by rubbing butter lightly around a baking dish before stacking six hot cross buns, sliced in half, in it with points up. Melt 80g of butter & drizzle over the buns for them to slurp up all that dairy goodness, mmmmmmmmmm.

Next, ever so gently over low heat, bring to the boil 300ml coconut milk, 300ml coconut cream, a teaspoon of vanilla paste & a good dash of ground cinnamon. Mixed altogether in the one saucepan, of course!

While you’re waiting on that to come up to temp, whisk 4 eggs with 2/3 cup of rich brown sugar until it’s nice & frothy.

Then comes the tricky part, be patient & take your time with this bit or you’ll get scrambled eggs. Simply pour little bits at a time of the hot mix onto the egg mix whilst whisking constantly. It is so easy & nothing to be scared of, but you must control that inner urge to just dump the lot in & get on with it.

Pour the combined mix over the buns.

Pop the baking dish, groaning under the weight of that impending pleasure, into a pan of water half way up the side of the dish. Then whack it in a 180c oven for 45 minutes or until that custard is set properly.

You can enjoy this pudding hot or cold so can be prepared in advance. If you want to make this at any time of the year, not just Easter, then swap out the hot cross buns for a whole loaf of bread (whatever type floats your boat).

Have a safe & happy Easter everyone.


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