Scotch Egg

Time for a wee bit of my Scottish Highland heritage!

The Scotch Egg is the perfect picnic food or lunchbox snack,

but I like to half or quarter them then toss through a classic Caesar Salad!


The only trick to perfecting the Scotch Egg is time. Forget about your kitchen instinct & trust in your watch for this one!

Bring a pot of water to the boil. Pop in 4 eggs to boil for 5 minutes only! Then plunge them immediately into a bowl of icy water. Clearly, there is no way the eggs will be cooked after only 5 minutes at the boil, but they do get a second chance later……

When the eggs have cooled, ever so carefully peel the shells off. Remember, they’re not cooked through so be very delicate.

Next, bung 500g of mince in a bowl & season it generously with salt & pepper. In another bowl, whisk up a couple of eggs & in a third bowl, get your crumb on (I’ve used a Maize Corn Crumb but whatever floats your boat). Then it’s production line time! Coat the egg in the mince to seal it, dip it in the whisked egg, then crumb it.

Bring a pot of oil to a nice high temp & deep fry each egg for 10 minutes only.

When you slice into that luscious wee nugget, you want to see the yolk sensually coat whatever it’s crowning.


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