Chocolate Croissant

The crunch of flaky pastry followed by luscious chocolate caressing your tongue is

pure ecstasy for so many people that you’re sure to be a hit with this wee number

& it’s so embarrassingly simple to make!


Better known as the Pain au Chocolat, this is definitely a cracker of a recipe to whip up for a sumptuous brunch or ladies high tea.

Start by cutting a sheet of puff pastry diagonally to form a couple of triangles. Place the base of the triangle closest to you so that the point is furthest away from you.

Next, plop a dark chocolate melt into the centre of that base line closest to you & then simply roll it up. Turn the ends in to form the classic croissant shape, place onto a baking paper lined tray & brush with some milk.

Whack that into a 180c oven until the pastry is golden (about half hour or so).

Told you it was super easy!


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