Hubby is Hungarian, from Mongolian decent, so he introduced me to an exciting cuisine from the Eastern European block.

Broishoi is their version of having chicken & chips.


This totally makes sense to come up with something so fabuliciouzly tasty from such few ingredients, as every home had chickens & potatoes in the garden.

I find that necessity always produces greatness in the kitchen.

Start by peeling & dicing 8 large potatoes into about a 1 centimeter dice. Dice up 500g (usually about 4) chicken thighs into roughly the same size as the tatties.

Heat a good glug of oil in a wok (or large frypan) & brown off the chicken ensuring you season generously with salt, pepper, vegeta (1 tablespoon) & paprika (2 teaspoons). When the chicken is half cooked, add in 2 teaspoons of minced garlic. If you were to add that in any earlier, it’d just burn so do wait until half way through.

Meanwhile, start deep frying in stonking hot oil, the diced potato chips until they’re nice & golden brown. You all know how to fry a chip!

Transfer the cooked chips to the chicken before seasoning again with more salt, pepper & vegeta then give it a jolly good stir to combine & tuck in!


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