Stroganoff is such a simple meal to prepare, it’s creamy, it’s hearty & it’s fabuliciouz!


Pop in a plastic freezer bag 500g of diced pork scotch fillet (or beef strips if that’s what floats your boat) along with a tablespoon of plain flour & a generous amount of salt & white pepper to season. Shake the shizen-howzen out of it to coat all the meat thoroughly. My 5 year old kitchen hand loves that job!

Next, heat a knob of butter in a deep saucepan & saute 8-10 finely sliced mushrooms until softened then remove & set aside.

Heat another knob of butter in the same saucepan & fry off the meat over a high heat until cooked, you may need to add more butter part way through if it starts to stick.

Return the mushrooms to the pan (along with all their luscious juices) & season with yet more salt & pepper before adding in 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce & a 300ml tub of sour cream. Stir gently to combine.

Traditionally, this would then be served over creamy mashed potato, but I prefer to stir through 250g of cooked pasta & then devouring greedily!


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