Pigs in Blankets

It’s high time that this wee classic made it’s way back on to our party tables!

It’s quick, it’s easy & it let’s you get out of the kitchen to entertain your guests.


Honestly, the only thing simpler than this recipe would be to just bust open a bag of crisps & dump in a bowl. In fact, that could be the perfect accompaniment.

All you have to do for these wee treats is to cut some skinless American style hotdogs in half before thinly slicing some puff pastry strips to gently wrap around them. Use your fingers to smooth the ends out onto the actual sausage so they stick.

Next, place your tucked in beauties onto a lined baking tray, brush some milk over the pastry & whack them in a 180c oven for about half an hour or so, just for the pastry to puff up & turn a nice golden brown.

Serve those up with your favourite various sauces & you’ll be a superstar at the next kids party, ladies tea or watching the footy this season!


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