Scrambled Egg

If you’ve read the page About Me on this website,

you’d know that the very first thing I ever learnt to cook was the humble Scrambled Egg.

When I make Scrambled Egg for my daughter today, it is always with wistful nostalgia for my Nan’s kitchen & I too, pass on the ‘magic’ to the next generation.


Whilst there are many different ways to scramble an egg, this is the way in which I was taught by my beloved Nan when I was barely old enough to walk.

It’s simple & straight forward.

Crack your eggs into a mixing bowl & add 1 tablespoon of milk for each egg PLUS always add just 1 more tablespoon of milk at the end (for the pot). Throw in a good pinch of salt & whisk away to get it nice & frothy, this incorporates air into your eggs for a lighter end result.

Melt a tablespoon of butter in a saucepan over the lowest heat & add in the egg mixture. Stir continuously & watch for the ‘magic’ of when the eggs first start to scramble. It always makes me smile that very first glimpse of it 🙂 I would squeal with enchanted delight for my Nan to come see.

Keep stirring until your eggs are scrambled to your preferred texture, drain the whey carefully & dig in.


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