Face the Fear!

We all have something in the kitchen that we’re secretly terrified of.

For me, it’s piping!

Last night, I attended my very first ever Cake Decorating class to try, once & for all, to conquer this mysterious skill!


I must admit that I was filled with trepidation as hubby & mini me roared off in our car after depositing me at the door of Crafty Cakes in Somerville on the fabuliciouz Mornington Peninsula. I mean, what on earth was I doing here?!?!? A sense of impending doom descended upon me as visions danced through my mind of out of control piping bags squirting everyone & filling the room with buttercream while I desperately hung on for dear life as it took over to destroy & devour all in it’s path of destruction!

Mercifully, Chef Tiff, came to the door to greet me & burst me out of my terror. After all, I was here to whip this beast & teach it who’s boss!

I could not have felt more inadequate or out of place in that cake decorating room. I have been an avid fan of Cake Boss & Choccywoccydoodah for many years. I’ve always had the desire to make beautiful creations but have always felt I lacked any real talent. As the rest of the students arrived, I shrunk into the corner & tried to remain unseen. They were a lovely group of kind hearted ladies, but I felt extremely intimated by the level of cake awesomeness surrounding me. Once again, What was I doing here?!?!?!

The class started with us cutting the tops off our cakes. I was amazed by a nifty wee piece of equipment (which will soon be mine!) that had a couple of wires strung between metal poles that simply swiped the top of my cake off with supreme ease. Thank goodness I wasn’t asked to use a knife or there would of been cake carnage!

Next, we were to ‘dirty ice’ the cake. Suddenly, my imagination took over as I fantasised about slathering on oodles of buttercream alongside Buddy Valastro, but this feeling was short lived as we moved onto the actual piping bags – DA DA DUM!

With trembling hands I scooped up the dreaded beast, turned down it’s mighty mouth, inserted the coupling & then, couldn’t get the scissors to snip the tip off! There….it had happened….I was officially a gumby!

It had to be the station I had chosen to have the blunt scissors. DOH! My neighbour lent me hers & all was good again.

The rest of the evening went by in an absolute blur of gel paste, colours, hysterically crude descriptions of how to create the flowers & before I knew it, we were assembling our masterpieces!

Placing on the final top coat of buttercream, my novice status shone through again as I discovered I was using the smoothing tool the wrong way round! Poof! There goes the Cake Boss fantasy again!

In the end, I stood back, looked at my cake & thought WOW! Did I really make that?!?!?! This morning, I still can not believe that I created that cake every time I look at.

But Chef Tiff, has to have the last word on this topic as she absolutely stunned me when I was leaving last night in declaring that she hopes I come back for more classes as I have some “Serious Talent”!

Who woulda thunk it!


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