Chicken & Potato Curry

This flavour packed curry is just perfect for a cold & rainy winter evening to warm up with.


Pop a solid splash of oil in a deep sided fry pan before bunging in 500g of chicken mince, 2 teaspoons of minced garlic & 2 tablespoons of curry powder (I use good old Keens, of course). Fry that off until the mince is cooked through.

Add in 4 large potatoes, which you’ve peeled & roughly diced into hearty chunks, along with a tin (400g) of diced tomatoes & 300ml of water. Season it all generously with salt & pepper then give it a jolly good stir.

Bring it up to a simmer, whack on a lid & leave it alone for half an hour for those tatties to get nice & soft.

Throw in a cup of frozen peas at the end, give it another stir while you wait for those to go tender & then it’s SERVICE!!!!!!!


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