Apple Fritters

It’s Apple season in Australia!

What’s better than taking this fabuliciouzly healthy fruit & deep frying it?!?!


Start by whipping up a quick Gluten Free batter by taking 2 eggs out of the fridge to separate. You want to put the 2 egg whites in a bowl but only keep aside 1 egg yolk for later.

Give those egg whites a jolly good whisk to stiff peak consistency, then add in the egg yolk. Watch it turn a beautiful golden colour as it all comes together.

Next, peel 4 apples (I use granny smiths as they’re fantastic cooking apples which hold up to heat better) & chop them into thick slices, straight through the core. After, grab yourself a round cutter & place over the core & seeds area, press down then remove the cutting to reveal a neat donut shaped apple slice.

Heat up a generous amount of oil in a large frypan.

Dip the apple rings into the batter & carefully place into the hot oil. Shallow fry each side until they’re nicely crisp & golden.

Remove from the hot oil straight onto some paper towel to drain & dust generously with cinnamon sugar while piping hot.

If they make it to a plate to serve, devour greedily!


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