Cucumber Salad

This fresh summer salad is a classic all across Europe, albeit with regional variations, and can be found on every good cafe’s menu.

It’s quick, it’s easy & it’s fabuliciouz!


Start by ever so finely slicing 2 continental cucumbers, a mandolin slicer makes this job so much easier! Generously salt them, then get your hands in there for a jolly good mix up! Set that aside for about half an hour.

When you come back to the cucumbers, the salt should of done it’s job in drawing a lot of the water out. This is when you need to grab dirty big handfuls & squeeze to wring them out completely.

Pop all that squeezed cucumber slices into a fresh bowl before adding in 3 teaspoons of minced garlic & just a splash of white vinegar. Mix that lot up thoroughly then simply taste it. You may find you need to adjust either the garlic or the vinegar to get the balance just right as every cucumber has a different amount of liquid in it so it pays to check before whacking this wee winner of a salad down in front of your guests.


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