Lentil Curry

Honestly, all the neighbours were stalking my driveway with the intoxicating aroma of this wee number!

Hubby was very excited to arrive home to this flavoursome dinner after a hard day’s work.


The night before you want to chomp this fabuliciouz curry, you’ll need to bung a whole packet (375g) of green lentils into a bowl & cover them with water. Leave them to soak on the bench, not the fridge, overnight.

When ready to make dinner the next evening, start off by draining those soaked lentils & giving them a good rinse under the cold water tap. Set those aside.

Grab yourself a large stock pot & whack in a solid glug of oil to heat up. Fry off 1 teaspoon of minced garlic along with a knob (about 1/2 teaspoon worth) of crushed fresh ginger. Add in half a diced up butternut pumpkin & a couple of peeled & diced potatoes as well.

Next comes the all important spices! You’ll need a teaspoon of each, straight into the pot, of Garam Masala, Tumeric, Cayenne Pepper & Cumin. I also like to add in a fresh red chilli finely sliced up at this point too, just for that wee extra kick! Give it all a jolly good stir to coat the veggies in all those luscious spices.

Throw the lentils in before pouring 1 litre of chicken stock right on top. Of course, you could use vegetable stock if that floats your boat more. Mix all that really well to combine & simply bring it to the boil, stirring continuously.

Pop the lid on, reduce the heat & let that gently simmer away for about an hour. You want the lentils to be soft but still whole rather than mushy.


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