Tackling the Diabetic Diet

I am absolutely blown away by our newly found knowledge that we actually don’t need to change a thing to accommodate Mini Me’s diabetes.


To say we were shocked when the doctors announced Diabetes is now going to be apart of our life would be an epic understatement!

For a person like me, the issue of FOOD was one of my first questions. What do I need to change to feed my little girl? What do I need to do differently? What is our lifestyle going to be now?

 I must admit, I was harassing medical staff a wee bit with my bombardment of thirst for information.

To my pleasant surprise, I have discovered we actually don’t need to change a thing with our actual diet – Mini Me just needs to eat more! She’s such an active little girl. The temptation, we were warned, of parents with newly diagnosed Diabetes children is to put them on a low carb diet, however this would be detrimental to their health. Kids are naturally super active so need the carbohydrates in a well balanced diet to regulate their blood glucose levels.

And here I was thinking it was going to be all about the sugar!

Whilst, yes, we do need to be aware of simple sugars in her diet like lollies & cake, there is a reason these things are called treats. They are not to be consumed all the time. Mini Me was relieved when the doctor said she is allowed to have her birthday cake at her impending celebrations. In her words, “it wouldn’t be fair mum if everyone else got to eat my birthday cake & I couldn’t” – I absolutely agree!

What I didn’t realise is that the foods to watch for Diabetics is actually the carbohydrates. You know, things like bread, pasta, rice, potato – practically our entire diet!

Basically, people with Diabetes need to follow the diet that everyone should be on anyway – a healthy balance of the five food groups with low fat & low sugar. We need to look for Low G.I foods to maintain steady blood glucose levels.

The Diabetic Diet should contain wholegrain breads, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles, fresh vegetables & fruits, milk, cheese, yoghurt, lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts & legumes.

Sounding familiar right?! So generally speaking, the Diabetic Diet is fabuliciouz & something our family has been doing all along anyway. Avoiding highly processed foods, avoiding fast & junk foods, eating lots of whole foods & cooking from scratch so we can control what goes into our bodies.

As a part of our Homeschool Personalised Learning Program, we’ve already started learning about sustainable living with Mini Me planning her Food Garden, so I think this will help enormously with her understanding of what is happening in her little body. I shall now look forward to sharing our Food Garden with you.


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