T.F.C – Tanz Fried Chicken

Succulently juicy chicken encased in a fabuliciouzly seasoned crust –

oh yeah!


When I was a little girl on the farm, we used to drive the half hour to Lismore every weekend to treat ourselves to the only fast food take away around – you know the one, the colonel 😉 shhhhhh! So Fried Chicken really grew to become a comfort food for me even though I’m Australian. Since becoming aware of being Celiac, this is something I have truly missed as there is not a single item on that particular ‘restaurants’ menu I can devour. So what’s a girl to do? Make my own, of course!

I choose to keep it really simple after watching heaps of footage on the Food Network of American kitchens in how they prepare their Fried Chicken, but by all means, feel free to muck about with creating your own secret herbs & spices blend.

To start, I bung into a bowl some Gluten Free plain flour & season it with salt, white pepper & paprika (I get my paprika imported direct from Hungary so the quality really does show), mix that really well & then use it to coat boneless chicken thighs. I do a double coating for extra yumminess.

Heat up a good amount of oil in a large frypan & simply shallow fry your chicken on both sides until cooked through.

Remove from the hot oil onto a paper towel lined tray or plate to drain & serve alongside creamy mashed potato & gravy.


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