Pepper Sauce Snags

This wee recipe has a really nice flavour tingle without blowing your head off. 

Mini Me even gave me both hands & feet up in the air! That’s a long way over just a thumbs up.


This one is spectacularly simple!

Fill a pot with water & pop 500g worth of sausages in it before bringing up to the boil.

In another saucepan, stir together 50ml of white wine (never without in my fridge!) & 250ml (1 cup) of beef stock. Reduce that by half as it simmers away nicely.

Bung in 2 teaspoons of ground black pepper along with 1/4 cup of thickened cream & give it a jolly good stir.

Meanwhile, the sausages should be cooked in the boiling water so get those out onto a chopping board. Remove any skins that haven’t already peeled off in the water & slice up your snags into bite sized pieces.

Whack the sausages into the sauce & let them get friendly (maybe put on a little mood music, light a candle – but I digress). Simply stir them through the sauce to coat & take up some of that luscious flavour.

If it floats your boat to have a thicker sauce, just stir in a tablespoon of corn flour (I use gluten free, of course).

My fam-bam likes this scooped over creamy mashed potato but you could choose whatever sides you wish.


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