Sausage Rolls

Hubby reckons these pastry encased meat bombs are awesome in his lunch box for work,

but honestly,

you can also quite easily team them up with a fabuliciouz side dish for a tasty brunch.


Start by pre-heating that oven to 210c! Katherine in winter really (town at bottom of Arnhemland in NT).

Grab a mixing bowl & bung into that 1 cup of crumbs (I use corn or rice crumb but bread crumb is more typical), a grated carrot & 3 teaspoons of a really good mustard sauce. Give that a jolly good stir to mix together.

Next, into the bowl, add 1 egg, a tablespoon each of oregano & paprika, a teaspoon of minced garlic & a 500g packet of sausage meat. Get your hands in there to squelch it all up good & proper!

Lay a few sheets of puff pastry down & spoon some mixture in a line right down the centre of each sheet & simply roll them up. Pop those onto a baking paper lined tray & give them a wee brush with some milk before whacking in the oven for half an hour.

If you’ve got any leftover mixture, I like to roll them into tiny meat balls & shallow fry them in some hot oil to make fabuliciouz tv snacks.


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