Eye of the Tiger!

Greatness Come To Those Who Take It!

– Genghis Khan


So after my first successful Piping Cake Class I wrote about in Face the Fear, yesterday I went back for another go!

This time round, I was able to walk into the classroom with a wee bit more confidence & not be so timid. Maybe that was due to the fact that I had Mini Me in tow & I always try to lead by example to her. She was so uber excited to go to Cake School with Mummy & wasted no time in making herself feel right at home at the bench, spreading out her audience of stuffed toys to watch her make cake.

Chef Tiff’s beautiful smiling face greeted us which put me instantly at ease. I was worried on the inside because I had to admit, I couldn’t remember how to do most of what she’d taught me last time! EEP! But in her calm, friendly manner, she just told me not to worry about it, this is something that takes a lot of time & practice to master. Whew! No, Principal’s Office for me then!

As the other students rolled in, there was an air of excitement about these perfect little Vintage Cupcakes on display in the middle of the room. Crikey! Could I really actually manage to pull this off too, or was last time just a fluke of beginner’s luck?! Thankfully, my attention was diverted from the rising panic by Mini Me being ever so cute melting hearts.

Chef Louise was teaching this class, so as Mummy eagerly devoured all the knowledge I could suck out of her extraordinarily experienced brain, Mini Me scored her very own personal tuition with Chef Tiff! Honestly, this kid is just so blessed with creating her own opportunities. With the amount of her natural artistic talent, it was little wonder that she took to cake decorating like a duck to water, astounding everyone. Proud Mumma Bear moment here, folks!

Honestly, I am so in love with learning old fashioned Piping Skills that I’m kinda kicking myself that I didn’t do this years ago! Moral of the story –

Don’t ever let fear stop you from trying something new, you may discover what you were meant to be doing all along.

Now, to create my Cake Empire to take over the world!!!!! Insert maniacal evil laugh here – Muhahahahahahahahaha


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