They’re quick, They’re easy &

They’re just what the doctor ordered after an overindulgence the night before!


For those who haven’t heard of them before, Latkes are a fabuliciouz wee potato pancake. They’re great for brunch or as a starter at any BBQ. Check them out!

Start by peeling 4 large potatoes & grating those finely. Grab handfuls of the grated spuds & really wring them out over the sink to squeeze out as much liquid as you can. No need for the stress ball when you can make Latkes!

Bung the tatties into a mixing bowl, along with 2 whisked eggs & 6 tablespoons of plain flour before seasoning very generously with salt & pepper. That’s as far as the traditional flavourings go but I like to also add in a wee bit of paprika but I also know of all kinds of Latkes being made out there with chives or dill or whatever floats your boat really, experiment!

Mix it all up really well to combine.

Heat up a solid amount of oil in a large frypan as we’re going to shallow fry so not just a glug here.

Drop tablespoons of the mix into the hot oil & watch it just like a pancake, when the sides start to brown, flip it to cook the other side. It usually takes a couple of minutes each side to cook, depending on how hot your oil is.

Drain the Latkes on paper towel before serving hot with sour cream for dipping.


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