Easy Carbonara Sauce

On Mini Me’s Ballet lesson days, I don’t get home until very late in the evening, the time when I really should have dinner served, not just be starting to cook! To resist the temptation of stopping for take away, I like to plan ahead for an uber quick throw together meal.


Amongst my arsenal of post ballet meals, I keep this ripper sauce up my sleeve for a fabuliciouz pasta hit! It’d be quicker than waiting in the drive through line, I reckon, to whip up this at home instead.

Simply whisk 1 egg in a mixing bowl before adding in 600ml of thickened cream & season well with salt & white pepper. Throw in a generous man handful of grated parmesan cheese & stir well to combine.

Finally, just pour that sauce over your favourite cooked pasta & gently heat through!

In the photo I’ve used gnocchi, but we also often have this with various shapes of pasta & even fry up some diced bacon to put through on occasion too.


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