Moroccan Fish Tacos

I needed to whip up a fabuliciouz meal in a flash after a late arrival home.

My mind instantly fell upon a new trend I was seeing all over the Food Network of Fish Tacos.

Now, I must admit, that I had never tried these anywhere so I wasn’t quite sure what they should taste like, but I do know the flavours that my fam-bam enjoy.


This was honestly so embarrassingly simple you’ll wonder why I’m bothering to share at all, but it really is something I will now keep in my quick & easy repertoire for post Ballet evenings!

Grab a bowl & bung in some plain flour (obviously I use Gluten Free) before seasoning it ever so generously with salt, pepper & Moroccan seasoning. Mix it all up really well & coat some fish fillets in it ensuring an even coverage. I like to double coat mine (just like with my fried chicken) to get a beautiful crunch.

Heat up a good amount of oil so we can shallow fry off the fish fillets before allowing them to drain on a paper towel lined plate.

Next it’s time to whip up the sauce. Into a bowl goes some whole egg mayonnaise then simply season it with salt & pepper before spiking it with mild American Mustard (that’s where the yellow colour comes from). Combine all that really well & just adjust it to your taste.

Heat up some corn tortillas in a frypan & then it’s an easy peasy task of simply breaking off chunks of the fish to lay down the middle before drizzling over some of the sauce.

Now, that’s fabuliciouz as it is for a light meal or brunch but if you want to you can dress it up even more with some salads in there as well like some crunchy slaw or diced avocado & tomato. Whatever floats your boat, really.


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