Classic Roast Chicken

Chicken is the most consumed meat in Australia.

We just can’t seem to get enough of these fabuliciouz birds!

How nice is it, though, to fill the home with the comforting aroma of a classic roast chook?!


Seriously, this is the easiest roast for any beginner in the kitchen to master & is sure to make you an instant culinary super star!

 Start by patting your whole chicken down all over with paper kitchen towel to get the skin nice & dry.

Place the chook on a rack (breast side up) in a baking dish then simply smother it lusciously in copious amounts of butter! I never claimed to be healthy on this recipe 😉

After massaging the butter onto the bird, season very generously with salt & pepper before whacking into a 180c oven. For cooking times the basic rule is 1 hour per 1 kilo (so halve for 500g amounts). In other words, a 1.5kg chook will take 1 & 1/2 hours whilst a 2kg chook will take 2 hours.

The secret trick to ensure your bird is simply stunning is to remember to baste it during cooking. That simply means to use your pastry brush, or even a spoon if you don’t have one, and get in there to spread the melted butter & juices collecting in the bottom of the baking dish back over the skin of the chicken. I just do it once, half way through cooking & I also season again with salt & pepper!

The chook is done when you can insert a skewer (or knife) into the thigh area & have clear juices run out. If the juices aren’t clear, just bung it back in the oven for a wee bit longer, checking on it regularly (every five or ten minutes, depending on how close you were to clear juices).

When you pull the chook out of the oven it is imperative that you let it rest. This is just a case of tucking it in with a tinfoil blankie for about 10 minutes. That lets all the juices settle back into the meat so you’ll end up with a fabuliciouzly juicy, tender roast chook.

Carve up & It’s Chompin Time!


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