Spring Rolls

My fam-bam hooked into these wee rippers & greedily devoured them all faster than I made them!


Fried Rolls, or Spring Rolls, are an absolute joy to make & oh so uber easy. If you’ve never tried it yourself, you’ll wonder why & go out to get the goods! It’s also another super fantastic kids in the kitchen, get the sneaky veggies in there, kinda thing!

So start off by getting all your fillings ready. This is where you can get really creative! Use up any leftover shredded meat you have, I’ve got duck in this lot pictured, and then raid your fridge for your veggies. In mine, there’s finely grated carrots & cabbage. Next, ensure you’ve got some cooked vermicelli noodles & create your production line.

You’ll need a bowl of water & a clean tea-towel. I buy a good export quality rice paper from Vietnam (you can find those at your local Asian grocer or even the supermarkets are getting on board with the good stuff these days). Simply soak your dried rice paper in the water for a few seconds, just till it softens. This is when it is imperative that you work FAST, hence why we’ve got the production line happening.

The secret to using the rice paper is the rough side faces up as that is your inside of the roll where your filling goes, leaving the lovely smooth side as the finished exterior.

So, lay your softened rice paper on your clean tea-towel, bung your fillings in on the end closest to you (but a wee bit off the edge), being careful to not overfill it, then comes the fun part, rolling it up!

Start by taking the lip of the rice paper closest to you & tucking it in over the filling. Next, fold in each side tightly across the filling. Then, just roll it up the length to close it off.

Do each roll separately as it’s so quickly you need to work with the softened rice paper & line them all up on a plate or tray.

Heat up a copious amount of oil in your deep fryer, saucepan or wok & toss them in until they turn a nice golden colour & get crunchy. Drain on paper towel & It’s Chompin Time!


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