Encrusted Pork Steaks

Mini Me absolutely devoured this entire meal & demanded MORE!


Honestly, this is such a simple combination that just works. Hubby was ecstatic by this one as well & I already have orders from both my fam-bam to ensure I make this more often! Ah, when family is happy, Mummy is happy 🙂 Bliss.

Start off by crushing up 1/2 cup of salted cashew nuts. You can do this in a food processor if you want to but I find a wonderful satisfaction in chopping through nuts with my sharpest knife before scraping up the fine powder & dumping into a bowl.

Next, grate in 50g of mature cheddar cheese. The one I use has been aged for 20 months so is very sharp & full of fabuliciouz flavour!

Combine those two ingredients together then it’s an easy task of just pressing the mixture onto both sides of juicy pork loin steaks.

Heat up a wee bit of oil in a fry pan & whack those luscious beauties in there to cook. Turn only once during cooking though, or you’re likely to lose the crust.

I’ve served this with butter tossed boiled veggies which is a total match in flavour as not as heavy as a mashed tattie.


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