Banana Parfait

This fabuliciouzly decadent treat is a totally guilt free pleasure!


Now entering her 4th year of Classical Ballet Training, Mini Me was finally old enough to take her very first Royal Academy of Dance Examination this morning! To say this has been a greatly anticipated event in our home could quite possibly qualify for the understatement of the year award! To celebrate this monumentous occasion, I whipped up something extra super dooper special for her.

Pop 500ml of Organic Vanilla Bean Yoghurt into a mixing bowl then chop 4 over ripe bananas (the ones where the skin has turned black as they give the best flavour!) straight into the bowl as well.

Whip out good old Mr Buzzy (aka stick blender) & whazz that to a beautifully smooth consistency making sure you get tons of air into the mix.

Pour into a container & whack it in the freezer to set.

When ready to serve, scoop out your parfait before crowning with diced macadamia nuts.

It’s an all the time, healthy treat to enjoy all year round.


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