Cheesy Chicken Rissoles


They are such an iconic Aussie classic that they even rate mention in just as iconic Aussie films.


A rissole is a wee bit of a half way point between a meatball & a burger pattie. What makes a rissole a true rissole, however, is that it absolutely must be crumbed!

These wee nuggets of Aussie nostalgia have appeared alongside the three vege as a ‘fancy’ way to have our meat for dinner as well as between slices of bread in our school lunch boxes & pulled apart for devouring at picnics in the bush. They bring a smile to the dial of many Aussies.

Here’s my updated version of the humble yet celebrated Rissole.

Start off by bunging 500g of chicken mince into a mixing bowl then season generously with salt & white pepper. Next, add in an egg along with 2 tablespoons each of both soy & tomato sauces. Throw in a handful of crumb (I use a gluten free breadcrumb, but you know, whatever floats your boat) then combine all that up really well.

Time to get messy! This is quite a wet mix so it helps to have the hubby (with pants on) handling the stove top side of things.

Heat a solid amount of oil in a frypan. We’re going to shallow fry each side so make sure there’s enough to come half way up each rissole. You don’t want the oil to be stonking hot or you’ll burn the crumb & the meat will be raw, just a nice medium heat on this one.

Scoop out some mix into your hand before making a slight indent in the middle. Place a cube of cheese (I use aged vintage cheddar to really give it epic flavour!) right into the indent, then cover it up with another blob of mix. Pat that into a ball/burger type shape. Slap straight into some crumb to coat all over. Make sure you retain some height to your rissole whilst also creating a wee bit of a UFO shape. Remember it’s half way between meatball & pattie.

Whack the rissole directly into the heated oil. Flip only once during cooking before draining on paper towel.

Just keep going with your production line there until all the mix has been transformed into fabuliciouz rissoles!

Now that’s a recipe destined to go straight to the pool room!


2 thoughts on “Cheesy Chicken Rissoles

  1. We have rissoles here in NZ but I never really knew what they were so thanks for clarifying. What do you usually serve rissoles with? Because they’re neither eaten with burger or meatball fixings are they?


    1. Here in Oz, we chomp them for dinner just with the usual mashed potato, peas & corn or just make up a batch for sandwich filling.


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