Chicken Strip Tenders

Judging by the satisfied sounds of my fam-bam, I’d say I nailed this fast food favourite!


When you go Gluten Free, either by choice or medically, it’s the little things that you miss. You know, the comfort bad for you foods that you always took for granted before. After much trial & error, I have finally found a Gluten Free crumb that gives the exact same result as breadcrumbs. Hoorah! We can indulge in our fried crunch again.

Start by slicing 4 chicken thighs into strips. I like to use the thigh of the chook because it’s so much juicier & tender & just gives an all round better flavour I think.

Next, you’ll need to set up two bowls. Crack an egg & add a splash of milk in one then give that a jolly good whisk to combine. In the second bowl, bung in some flour (gluten free, of course) before seasoning with salt, white pepper, a generous handful of shredded parmasan cheese & a sprinkling of chopped parsley. Mix it all up with your hand so that it’s evenly distributed.

Then it’s a simple production line of dunk the chook strips in the egg wash, coat in the crumb & place on a plate.

Heat a solid amount of oil in a frypan (we’re shallow frying so enough oil to come half way up the sides of your strips). Now, the trick to this one is a lower heat. Don’t let that oil get too hot otherwise you’re going to burn your crumb & have raw chicken, that’s never gonna float anybody’s boat! Key word here is Patience. Gently fry off each side, turning only once to get that golden crispy coating whilst maintaining a succulent juicy centre.

Drain on a cake cooling wire over a baking tray so the oil really drips free of them to prevent sogginess.

Serve those up & It’s Chompin Time!


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