Living the Dream

So very many people dream about an Escape to the Country,

yet only a very lucky few of us get to actually do it.

A few days ago, we joined the Back to Land crowd!


We are so ecstatically thrilled to have rented ourselves a wee patch of paradise in the closest rural country escape to Melbourne for a do-able work commute. I just want to put it out there, How’s the Serenity?!

At the back of our 3/4 acre home, we discovered this once loved area in the photograph above. We will definitely be sharing our experiences with you as we attempt to breathe life back into this former home farm.

The ideal of living a sustainable lifestyle, or as close to it as possible these days, is one that captures the imagination of such a diverse range of people. There is a definite & deliberate movement of people quitting the cities to instead, opt for a simpler life on the land. Now simple should never be confused with easy. Nobody promised us a rose garden on this adventure!

We anticipate that our blundering antics will provide you with much comic relief in the months to come as we settle into our new home farm lifestyle. In all honesty, we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing! But isn’t that all part of the journey?!

Our web-show will (hopefully) start filming shortly to capture all the action for you to enjoy. It will include cooking, home farming & seeing us transform our vintage caravan into a commercial kitchen. Maybe, we might even show you around this gorgeous region of the Dandenong Ranges too……maybe.

It’s all about to kick off for us, we are overwhelmed with excitement & trepidation of What on Earth have we done?!?!?!?!


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