Cordon Bleu Balls

Hubby is definitely smitten with these wee fabuliciouz creations!

Think of the classic Cordon Bleu that we all grew up with as kids, but make it time friendly for post Ballet nights, or whatever it is that makes your world turn round.


You all know by now how much I love making meatballs! They somehow seem to soothe me. Perhaps it’s the methodical repetitious movement that I find so meditative. Whatever the reason, I’ll find any excuse to make them! When I spotted a resurgence recently in the good old vintage Cordon Bleu I got excited at the prospect of annihilating the usually drawn out process & claiming this ripper classic for my precious meatball honour roll.

This is another one of those production line numbers so get prepared & all will be good in meatball land 🙂

Step 1 – Grab a bowl & bung in 500g of chicken mince, season generously with salt & white pepper, mix thoroughly.

Step 2 – Have a plate or board next on your production line with finely diced up cured (or fried off) bacon & grated cheddar cheese (or Swiss cheese if you wanna go really retro).

Step 3 – Whisk up a cracked egg with a splash of milk in a bowl to create an egg wash.

Step 4 – Pour out some crumb (I use Orgran Gluten Free) into a bowl.

Step 5 – Have a large clean plate or tray waiting at the end of your production line to receive your work.

Righto, now that you’re all set up, let’s get cracking!

Take a pinch of the mince in your hand & roll into a ball (smaller ones for bite sized treats or larger ones for dinner) before sticking your thumb into the middle to make a hole.

Fill the hole with bacon & cheese then close it back over with the mince & roll until smooth again.

Give it a dip in the egg wash to totally cover, then dunk in the crumb to coat before placing neatly on your receiving plate.

Keep repeating until all your mince is used up.

We’re off to the deep fryer with these babies. Make sure your oil is not overly hot, just at a nice fry rather than burn the crap out of the outside whilst leaving the centre raw! Plunge your balls into the hot oil & let them fry to a beautifully golden brown colour, allowing sufficient time to cook the chicken mince depending on what size you rolled your balls.

Drain them off on a cake cooling wire suspended over an oven tray & serve with veggies for dinner or with dipping sauce as treats.


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