Meet Milly

Part of our home farm master plan is converting our vintage van into a commercial kitchen.


Our 1973 Millard Caravan is a 21 foot beauty! We actually lived in her for a whole year whilst we were roaming, seemingly lost, in this big wide land of Australia which we call home.

You can see by the picture, we had a pretty sweet set up going on.

Our travel plans had always been about trying to find home. Where did we want to finally plop ourselves down & plant some roots? We’ve been the length & width of this great nation & to a certain degree, still can’t categorically say we’ve arrived……yet. We’re going to give the Dandenong Ranges a good crack though.

The question had always loomed over us of “What about Milly”? What would we do with our precious home on wheels after our nomad days were done?

We’ve been through many ideas in our heads of what would become of her & even listed her for sale for a time, but no sensible offers were made so we accepted that she is now a part of our family. Yet still the question remained of how to utilise her now to benefit us the most.

Quite a few years back now, I went to a wee culinary school here in Melbourne & became a Chocolatier. More recently, you would of noted the couple of cake classes I’ve attended since arriving into Melbourne to set up home.

In Australia, to be able to sell food for consumption you need to prepare it in a licensed commercial kitchen which has really strict rules. Of course renting our home farm, we won’t go through the lengthy & expensive process to register this kitchen inside. However, we’ve seen a growing trend of savvy entrepreneurs converting caravans into these commercial kitchen spaces that they can then take anywhere with them they go! Absolutely brilliant! We’ve got the van, so why not give it a go?!

The first step will be to haul Milly out of the van storage she’s currently relaxing in & drag her up the mountain. Wish us luck!


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