Daggie Dog Pops

Dagwood Dogs, Pluto Pups or Corn Dogs

These ripper show treats are awesome no matter what you call them!

I’ve got a mini version that my fam-bam goes absolutely nuts for!


Start off by filling a pot with water & throwing in some sausages, I use pork snags but whatever floats your boat, really. Bring that up to the boil & let the sausages cook in the boiling water. This makes them super soft & creamy.

Place double the amount of bamboo skewers to sausages into a shallow container of water to soak for half an hour.

Next, we want to whip up a batch of my go-to for everything batter.

Crack 2 eggs into a mixing bowl then pour in 2 cups of milk before adding a good pinch of salt & whisk away. Slowly, and I do mean slowly, add bits of flour (I use gluten free, of course) and whisk each addition in before adding more. This makes it easier to get a smooth batter free from lumps. The amount of flour you use is always different. You need to just keep adding until you’re happy with the consistency. We’re looking for a nice thick coating that will stick to the snags.

Speaking of the snags, Grab a set of tongs & lift each one out of the water slowly so they drain before removing any bits of skin that may still be clinging on & slicing each one in half.

Take a bamboo skewer & gently insert it on the flat sliced end of the sausage going straight up towards the end. Repeat this until all the snags have been impaled.

Dunk the sausages into the batter & deep fry in hot oil until the batter is lusciously golden. Remember, the snags are already cooked inside so it’s just the batter you’re frying.

Drain those off on a cooling wire suspended over a baking tray before serving with your favourite dipping sauces.


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