A Thorny Issue.

My destination is no longer a place,

rather a new way of seeing.

– Marcel Proust


Last week I shared with you a photograph of a once pre-loved but now abandoned veggie garden & chook shed at the back of our rented Home Farm. Well, I’ve been watching this spot all week long & guess what I discovered?! It only receives about an hour of sunlight in the late afternoon each day! It is overshadowed by extraordinarily tall pine trees, along with a smattering of gum trees, that simply block out all the light. Now I don’t know very much at all about this whole gardening caper, but I do know that plants need sun.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the chook shed rambles this oh so prickly tangled mess that honestly looks like it could have a fairytale princess trapped somewhere in the midst of it awaiting her prince to rescue her! What an evil looking beast! And wouldn’t you know it, that is the spot where all of our precious sunlight falls all day long!

So, on Saturday afternoon I dragged the hubby up the back yard to show him this development. It was the first opportunity he’d had to actually go up there since we moved in! Mini Me was so uber excited to show him the compost bin we’d discovered under a tree & then where we can house our chickens. He was quite impressed with the chook shed actually. The structure itself is still fairly solid so just requires a wee bit of chainsaw gardening to the overgrowth surrounding it & we should be able to tidy that up nicely.

Then the clincher – da da dum! I spun him around to face The Thorns!!!!!!!

Surveying the situation, Hubby agrees that there is a lot more land in there than we ever anticipated being able to cultivate. He also sees my vision of just how this particular area would work for us when finished & how the layout would also have aesthetic appeal in addition to being practical. I was nervous he’d say I’m dreaming if I think we are at all capable of taking on such a massive job, but, to my complete & utter surprise, after a long pause of stroking his Genghis Khan (baby beard as Mini Me calls it) facial growth, he uttered those famous last words – “Shouldn’t be too hard”!

Just wait for the Spring time bush……can anyone else hear the Benny Hill theme tune????


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