Crispy Prawns

This cheeky wee starter is definitely my idea of Surf n Turf!


Whether you want to impress at a party or a weekend BBQ, then this ripper recipe is for you! Bonus is, it’s so simple it’ll blow your mind!

All you need to do is take some raw green prawns that have been shelled & had the vein (poo tube) removed but tails left on, this not only looks attractive but makes for a rather convenient handle.

Then simply squish some pork mince around them to fully encase the prawn before rolling in rice, that’s the crunchy bit.

Heat up some oil & deep fry those suckers until they’re cooked. It’s pretty easy to tell when they are done as the tail of the prawn will turn pink.

Drain on some paper towel & arrange nicely before basking in the glory of compliments.


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