Banana Split Bites

Mini Me simply adores being by my side in the kitchen & loves her cooking classes, so I’m always on the lookout for Kids in the Kitchen friendly recipes for her to do.

This sweet delight requires no actual cooking so is perfect for little fingers to create.


Start off by slicing some over ripe (because they have the most flavour!) bananas on an attractive angle into thick slices. That’s the most work you’re going to do mum!

Smear half the slices with strawberry jam & the other half with peanut butter.

Next, mix a teaspoon of vanilla paste into half a block (115g) of softened cream cheese before dolloping on the jam topped bananas.

Carefully place the peanut butter bananas on top to create a sandwich effect.

Grab out good old Mr Buzzy (aka stick blender) & have your Mini Me whip up some thickened cream to plop on top & delight in the giggles as colourful sprinkles bounce all over your kitchen!


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