Banana Fizz Pops

The creamy goodness of banana with a giggleliciouz fizz will prove totally 

irresistible to little fingers. 


This all the time special treat is a real hit with kids of all ages, including the ones you’re married too 😉 and with only 2, yes that’s TWO ingredients, there’s no excuse for not keeping these in your freezer!

Drag out good old Mr Buzzy (aka stick blender) for this one.

Simply chop up 4 over ripe bananas, because that’s where all the flavour is, before squeezing in the juice of 2 fresh lemons & giving it a jolly good wazz up.

Pour the luscious liquid into ice-pop moulds, whack in the freezer & when they’re set completely immerse yourself in this totally healthy indulgence.

The lemons somehow react with the bananas to give a tingly fizz in your mouth that’s so playful it’s just down right joyous.


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