How to sterilise jars

One of the simple pleasures of the kitchen is making your own preserves,

but how do you keep them fresh from spoiling?


I know it’s a wee bit scary to contemplate the intricacies of sterilisation & so very many of us have simply given up on it all to opt for store bought convenience instead, but seriously, you will be surprised at just how easy it is to prepare your very own jars to fill with homemade yummies direct from your own kitchen. It’s just 3 easy steps!

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180c.

2. Wash the jars in warm soapy water then rinse thoroughly (nobody wants suds in their goodies).

3. Stand them, upside down, in a baking dish & whack them in the oven to dry completely (usually about 15 minutes).

That’s it!

Now the trick is to make sure you pour your HOT preserve into the HOT jar & pop the lid on whilst it’s all still HOT!

Tanz Tip – put your preserve into a jug with a spout to pour so that you don’t get any spillage on the rim of the jar as that will be a super highway for bacteria later.


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