Tempura Style Platter

It’s another mid week, post ballet quickie from my kitchen!


So by now, you would know that my life revolves around Mini Me’s Ballet aspirations which sees this mum taxi requiring some creative slap it together in point zero seconds when we explode through the door kinda cooking! This recipe is no exception.

Although not a true Tempura, this one is all about my go-to in a hurry batter that can really coat just about anything your imagination can come up! The quick side of it is, unlike a Tempura batter, there’s no rest time so it’s whisk, dip & fry within minutes!

Crack 2 eggs into a mixing bowl & add in 500ml of milk along with a good pinch of salt. Give that a jolly good whisk before adding in some flour slowly, whilst whisking, until you get your required consistency.

That’s it, really! So for this Tempura style batter, I simply add in less flour to leave it thinner but for, say, coating fish fillets, I use more flour to get it nice & thick. Makes sense, yeah?!

For my patter I’ve dipped steamed carrots, butternut pumpkin, cauliflower & American style skinless hotdogs! YUM!

After coating in the batter, just drop those wee nuggets of fabuliciouzness into stonking hot oil to deep fry before draining, dusting in a wee bit of salt for seasoning & It’s Chompin Time!

Meat & 3 Vege will never be the same again!


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