Garlic Prawns

There are so very many different versions of Garlic Prawns out there,

from crumbed to kebab & everything in between!

It’s a firm favourite that’s just at home in fine dining restaurants as it is at a backyard Barbie!


My quick & easy version could well make it onto your table soon!

Into a mixing bowl goes a good glug of olive oil along with 1/3 cup of your favourite dry white wine & 4 teaspoons of minced garlic. Give that lot a jolly good stir to combine & bung in about 250g worth of raw prawns (shelled & deveined). Stir them in to ensure they’re well coated in the marinade, cover the bowl with cling film & whack in the fridge for at least an hour, but longer is better for more flavour!

When It’s Chompin Time, simply heat up your wok (or frypan if you don’t have one), hold back the prawns with your cooking fighting iron of choice (I use my wok shovel but a wooden spoon works too) & allow the marinade to hit the hot surface with a sensational sizzle! Reduce it to form a nice sauce before sliding the prawns in to cook. Prawns are awesome as they tell you when they’re done by changing colour to pink, how very thoughtful of them.

I like to serve these wee beauties over cooked rice where the sauce can be sucked up.


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