Stuffed Crust Pizza

Why settle for flavour only on the top of your pizza?

My Stuffed Crust is oh so fabuliciouz to really amp up those crispy bases!


Quite honestly, this 2 ingredient dough is so silky in texture it really is a sensual moment you’ll need alone in your kitchen before continuing with the recipe!

Simply bung into a mixing bowl, 250g of plain flour along with a 300g tub of sour cream. Get your hands in there to mix it altogether to form a dough but be careful not to overwork it, just get it nice & silky. It’s really hard to stop playing with it as it’s just so beautiful to the touch.

Divide the dough ball into 4 equal parts & work on each one separately to create our 4 personal sized pizza bases.

Dust your surface in a wee bit more flour & roll out a section before smearing with minced garlic, sprinkling with dried parsley flakes & smothering generously with mozzarella cheese. Next, fold in the sides in four parts (from the ‘corners’ like a pastry) & then re-roll the pizza base. You now have all that luscious flavour stuffed inside your crust!

Pop the prepared bases onto a hot pan to fry for a couple of minutes on each side to get nice & golden. Hubby likes to have a wee splash of hot oil in the pan for this job but I prefer a dry pan with just spray oil so whatever floats your boat on that one.

Set the bases aside to rest for about 10 minutes, which just allows them to really firm up nicely.

For our favourite pizza topping, we simply smear pesto sauce over the entire base, cover in pepperoni slices then absolutely smother in mozzarella cheese!

Whack the pizzas into a 180c oven for about 15 minutes to melt the cheese to a gooey gorgeousness!


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