Pork Crackling Chips

Seductive sounds of cracking & popping escaping from the oven filling the kitchen with the salivating inducing aroma of pork – YES YES YES!


Tantalise your tastebuds this festive season by always having a bowl of these crispy bar snacks on hand. They’re fabuliciouz nostalgia of the Sunday Roast will get your party started!

Honestly, it’s so simple you’ll wonder why I’m even bothering to post about a recipe!

Get your hands on some lovely pork crackling skin (the supermarket even has it these days!) then pat it down with some paper towel to dry it, run your knife over to score it (if that hasn’t already been done) & just season it generously with my kitchen trilogy ~ salt, white pepper & paprika.

Slice the skin into strips then squares to make your chips & bung them onto a baking paper lined tray.

The trick is don’t use oil! Oil makes the skin wet again so defeats the purpose of what we’re trying to do.

Whack that under a hot grill (broiler I believe for my American friends, yeah?) running flat out at top heat. Just keep a close eye on it because each skin will be slightly different due to the fat content, you’re looking for when it starts to bubble up in that deliciously classic crackle, about 15-20 minutes normally.

When done, make sure you sprinkle sea salt flakes over the hot chips immediately.

You can choose to serve warm or make them before your guests arrive to serve cold with festive drinks.


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